The Ontario PC party continues to have nomination woes, and as this report from CTV’s Paul Bliss explains, another riding nomination in the Greater Toronto Area has gone awry. This time it is in the riding of Scarborough Centre (see below). Apparently a nomination race that originally organizers thought would attract 140 voting members drew up to 1,000 people coming out to vote.

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When you have such a discrepancy between how many people you thought would come out to an event, versus the amount of people that actually did, a chaotic situation is bound to ensue. Case in point, police had to be called in and people who wanted to vote were being told they couldn’t. It culminated in some of the ballot boxes being taken away for safekeeping by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, as stated by Ontario PC party president Rick Dykstra.

Need more proof? Look no further than this video from a man who serves as a director on the local Scarborough Centre PC riding association filming the proceedings, which really disintegrated into a total debacle if you watch the entire video.

For more videos on the Scarborough Centre PC party nomination meeting, see here.

This is just the latest example of problems the party has been experiencing across Ontario with their nomination meetings. Locally in Mississauga, the riding of Mississauga Erin Mills had some candidates announcing on their social media they were dropping out before the vote took place (although some would say they just weren’t greenlit by the party to run, it is somewhat passing strange a former Liberal ended up getting that nomination). Beyond Peel Region, there were issues pertaining to nominations in Ottawa, Hamilton and Newmarket that now have defeated nominees taking the party and Patrick Brown to court. Rebel’s David Menzies has also been reporting on the growing controversies, wondering if the PC party was running essentially a banana republic.

There is even a self-described ‘grassroots’ movement called I’m Out launching at some point, apparently in an attempt to highlight more botched PC nomination horror stories. But are they just professing sour grapes? If this was one or two incidents, most likely. But this is becoming an issue for the Ontario PC party, and this could hurt them in the next election. One thing about politics is if the public doesn’t see that you can keep your own house in order, they’re not going to trust you with the keys to the kingdom.

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