It’s been a year since I graced these online pages providing everyone with my own unique insight into two passion areas of mine: exploring Mississauga and documenting events in Canada’s sixth largest city, and the goings on in the world of professional wrestling.

Since that time, I have been a regular contributor on pertaining to political issues, city council meetings, and various other topics of interest. I also contribute some articles for their sister site, Also recently, I have started blogging for SLTD Wrestling, an interactive professional wrestling blog  based out of the UK, under the title “Kantastic’s Wrestletalk Korner”.

I do work under an editorial team, so there are stories of interest that do not make get published. So I’ve decided to put articles up here that do not get published on Insauga and InBrampton; basically I am converting this into my personal blog as a engaged resident of Mississauga who consumes news about current events constantly and who seeks an outlet to dispel ideas, uninterrupted.

But of course, since the wrestling stuff is quite niche in itself, feel free to follow SLTD Wrestling for my continued musings on the world of professional wrestling.

See you soon.