So one of the topics I enjoy analysing is what is going on in professional wrestling. Nowadays, this mostly means WWE, but there are other promotions that I watch that have piqued my interest as well. Yes, I am aware it’s scripted and it’s more about entertainment, but there is valid analysis in the way matches and storylines are booked that I think is worth writing about.

At the recent Wrestlemania in Dallas, TX. There was a match between Shane McMahon, the son of the current owner Vince McMahon, and the iconic Undertaker. If Shane ‘won’ the match, he would go on to run Monday Night RAW, the flagship show of the WWE, effectively ‘running the company’.

Well, Shane lost. Yet in current storylines, Vince wanted to prove that his son wouldn’t be successful in running the show he left him in charge anyway, just to prove a point. Shane ‘ran’ the show on April 4 and again last night, making me wondering what the point of booking the match at Wrestlemania was, if this was the direction the company was going anyway.

Vince is notorious for running things backstage, yelling instructions via earpieces to the commentary team who sit at ringside to call the matches. But judging from the way things have been booked, other than having Roman Reigns as WWE Champion, I wonder if Vince really is taking a break from running things.

I seriously doubt if Vince was booking the matches last night, we wouldn’t have seen Indy stars AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn. Speaking of Styles, he would never have been No. 1 Contender (at least not so soon), had Vince been the sole decision maker for that decision. Nor would we have seen Cesaro making an incredible comeback and becoming the contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

I’m not sure how long Shane McMahon is going to continue to direct the show in the next few weeks or even months. The usual cast of characters who play the villainous bosses (Shane’s sister Stephanie and brother in law Triple H) haven’t been seen since Triple H lost the WWE title to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. For now, if they keep up with putting up some good matches, making use of their mid card talent beyond mere gimmicky segments, and introducing new wrestlers, I think the company would actually be listening to their fans for once.